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1. Year 2019


Slough Cricket Club held the End Of Season Presentation Evening - 2019, at the Clubhouse on Friday 18th October 2019.

Chief GuestTan Dhesi, MP for Slough
Clubman of the YearNitesh Seth
Outstanding Contribution AwardRehaan Ahmed
Outstanding Contribution AwardSunil Bindra
Outstanding Contribution AwardMujtaba Sidhique


Slough 1stBest Batsman
Slough 1stBest BowlerIkhlaq Nawaz
Slough 2ndBest BatsmanAli Ahmed
Slough 2ndBest BowlerWaqar Ali Shah
Slough 3rdBest BatsmanZain Ishaaq
Slough 3rdBest BowlerAli Baig
Slough 4thBest BatsmanNitesh Kashyap
Slough 4thBest BowlerRohit Sandhu
Slough 5thBest BatsmanSajjad Hussain
Slough 5thBest BowlerSaboor Abbasi
Slough 6thBest BowlerKaran Kaul
Slough 6thBest BatsmanAmaan Ikhlaq
Slough Sunday XIBest BowlerJehangir Khan
Slough Sunday XIBest BatsmanPrasad Deshpande


U19Bowler of the YearUzair Majid
U19Batsman of the YearSheridon Gumbs
U19Most Improved PlayerYousef Majid
U17Bowler of the YearHumza Ishaq
U17Batsman of the YearSheridon Gumbs
U17Most Improved PlayerZain Ishaq
U15 TigerBowler of the YearUdit Khanna
U15 TigerBatsman of the YearSheridon Gumbs
U15 TigerMost Improved PlayerDanyaal Ishaq
U15 PantherBowler of the YearJason Nicholas
U15 PantherBatsman of the YearAta Mohammed
U15 PantherMost Improved PlayerIsmail Afsar
U15 LionBowler of the YearShivprasad Patil
U15 LionBatsman of the YearAryan Jain
U15 LionMost Improved PlayerSuhayb Faisal
U13 TigerBowler of the YearArjun Punj
U13 TigerBatsman of the YearYuvraj Binning
U13 TigerMost Improved PlayerGurunoor Sharma
U13 PantherBowler of the YearPratheek Buddhula
U13 PantherBatsman of the YearKush Parikh
U13 PantherMost Improved PlayerMohammed Ali Sheeraz
U13 LionBowler of the YearSaifullah Majid
U13 LionBatsman of the YearSuyash Srikanta Prasad
U13 LionMost Improved PlayerAtharv Desi
U11 TigerBowler of the YearHussain Syed
U11 TigerBatsman of the YearBilay Tariq
U11 TigerMost Improved PlayerSamand Khan
U11 PantherBowler of the YearDhirti Praveen
U11 PantherBatsman of the YearDhir Sircar
U11 PantherMost Improved PlayerAariz Merchant
U11 LionBowler of the YearNaman Bhanot
U11 LionBatsman of the YearTeja Yarramsetti
U11 LionMost Improved PlayerAbhinav Karla
U9 TigerBowler of the YearVikyath Vatnala
U9 TigerBatsman of the YearHumza Ashfaq
U9 TigerMost Improved PlayerPrakyath Buddhula
U9 PantherBowler of the YearZakhriya Noor
U9 PantherBatsman of the YearShiyasan Ulagnath
U9 PantherMost Improved PlayerAyan Ullah Khan
U9 LionBowler of the YearSidhu Rajveer
U9 LionBatsman of the YearSahota Tanbir
U9 LionMost Improved PlayerYusuf Jalal
U9 PumaBowler of the YearNyra Seth
U9 PumaBatsman of the YearTanvi RaviKumar
U9 PumaMost Improved PlayerAaira Bindra

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